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1. There is no difference in brakes, they are all the same.

There absolutely is a difference. The material and workmanship make all the difference in the amount of noise they make, the amount of brake dust left on your wheels, how long they last, and most importantly how they perform.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! Cheaper is not better when it comes to brakes. After all they are what stops your car. Would you cut corners on your brakes just to save a few dollars?

2. I will void my warranty if I don’t have my car serviced at the dealership.

Absolutely NOT! Your vehicle's warranty cannot be voided by maintenance at an independent repair shop. We are more than capable of servicing your car, and work preformed will not void your warranty.

3. My car has a vibration at highway speeds, so I must need an alignment.

Wrong, the most common reason for vibration at highway speeds is that your tires are out of balance, and not that you have an alignment issue. An alignment means exactly what it says. An alignment sets the angles of your suspension components to manufacturer specifications and ensures it will handle safely and that your tires will wear evenly and correctly. Vibrations can also be caused by a bent wheel, damaged tire, or a bad u-joint or cv axle.

4. All mechanics are out to rip me off.

In my experience, when a customer comes in feeling like they were ripped off, it’s usually a case of miscommunication or misunderstanding about what repairs were done and what is wrong now with their car. I personally believe the reason for this miscommunication is that today cars are so complex. Its hard for someone not familiar with the system being repaired to fully understand what is involved in the job and how important it is to use quality parts.

There are some people in this business that are con-artists, I like to think they are a small minority. In this day and age of consumer reviews, and news media I highly doubt someone could stay in business very long ripping off customers. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. We try to find and use the highest quality parts to ensure that you never have a problem with our work. If we estimate $500 for a repair and you find a place that will do it for $200, you should know that a lower bill comes at the cost of lower quality parts or less skilled labor and that you probably won't be happy with the end result.

Jumping around from shop to shop does not allow you to build a relationship with a shop and only leaves you confused about which place to go back to if there ever is a problem. You may not be aware of every service that you car needs or always understand every complex problem that arises, but if you trust your shop you can be assured that they’re using the best parts and doing the best work they can to keep your car running and you coming back to them for future service.

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